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Community noob [Apr 2, 2004|16:34]
The Euchre Community


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Hi I'm Thene. I started playing Euchre hmmm...it was either in Jr. High or High School. I remember learning during band class. I was adopted into the Euchre family fairly quickly and given my own card. The Ace of Spades (The Death Card) because I learned so quick and was a LETHAL opponent.
I continued to play all through high school even when all the original family members graduated and left. I adopted my own family and we'd all play during band class and band trips, etc...
Well, high school is over now. I'm married and moved half way across the country (from Ohio to Oklahoma.) I was hoping to find a group to play with, as Euchre is my favorite card game, with Hearts following shortly after. So if there's anyone here that lives near Enid, Oklahoma that wants to start a Euchre (or Hearts) group, I would LOVE to join! I miss playing cards soooooo very much. :(

[User Picture]From: fever4theflava
05-25-04 20:35:58 (UTC)
whats euchre?
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[User Picture]From: athena_marz
05-25-04 22:04:32 (UTC)
Uh...I don't know how to explain it. It's a 4 player card game. You only play with the face cards and 9's and 10's...
it's kinda like spades, except trump can change every hand.
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