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ACK [Sep 13, 2002|14:11]
The Euchre Community


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will somebody paleeezed explain to me why no one in the south playe euchre?!
no one had ever even heard of it!
its inconveivable
I am going through euchre withdrawal

From: minervajones
12-08-02 22:01:30 (UTC)
try MSN Zone euchre...there's varying levels of skill, and tournament play if you are interested.
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From: toomuchtoaskfor
12-27-02 03:55:21 (UTC)

they dont know what theyre missing out on

like everyone where i live knows how to play or at least has some idea that its a common card game but its funny kuz ive gone elsewhere and mentioned the game and they have no idea what im talking about...just kinda weird...lol
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[User Picture]From: thehep
01-21-03 21:58:29 (UTC)

I'm in the south, and I play euchre.

But my family is from rural PA, so...
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[User Picture]From: moonhouse
01-21-03 22:17:35 (UTC)

Re: wow this is an old post

where in the South
not New Orleans...?
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[User Picture]From: thehep
01-22-03 10:37:58 (UTC)

Re: wow this is an old post

Nah, I live in NC.

You go to school in NO? Tulane I take it?
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From: itsgotime
02-11-04 21:29:21 (UTC)
i live in georgia (but i'm from michigan) & here they all play spades.. which is like euchre.
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