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Hi there! I can see this community doesn't get much traffic - what a… - Euchre community [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Nov 9, 2004|22:54]
The Euchre Community


Hi there!

I can see this community doesn't get much traffic - what a shame there's not more euchre-lovers out there!!

My dad's family comes from northern New South Wales, Australia and has played euchre for generations. Don't know how they started - we certainly don't have any relatives in, or ties to, the US. But I thought you'd like to know how far the great game has spread! (Trouble is, it's so hard to find other people to play with...)

A previous comment suggested you only play with picture cards and the 9s and 10s. Is that right? We always used everything from the 7s upward, using the 5s and 6s as scoring cards. Curious.

From: gooberface
02-22-05 05:33:38 (UTC)
yep, we only play w/ nines and up :)
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[User Picture]From: angelofdeath44
04-05-05 13:38:07 (UTC)
Depends on the number of people playing. I've played with both sets for 7's up and 9's up. Need more cards the more players you get. It get interesting when you play with six people at one time.
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[User Picture]From: obvious_ron
04-20-05 21:52:47 (UTC)
All of the rule books that I've seen instruct you to play with 7 thru ace, but I've only played 9 thru ace. I've also never played with more than four people.
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[User Picture]From: angelofdeath44
04-22-05 13:03:29 (UTC)
I've got a big family and everybody knows how to play so we had to figure something out. We have big card parties all the time but those we only play with four. When we play with four people we always use 9's and up, otherwise you've got a lot of little cards in your hand and a lot of cards in the blind. I don't know, I like the way we play but that's just cause that's the way I've played for 18 years.
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